TV writer. Sci-fi/Fantasy. Magical misanthropes, colossal mythologies & surreal uncannity.

Hey Sarah, what’s that word I can never remember?

– literally everyone

When I set out to work in Los Angeles 6 years ago, I thought maybe I’d work on a few sets, become someone’s assistant or at worst hang out for a while, get tan and stare at palm trees. I did all that, starting out living out of a dirt-cheap RV park deep in Canyon Country in my 1964 FAN travel trailer. I ate crafty I took home in my lunch box and made friends with the exotic animal trainer who lived in the motorhome next door. Not too long after, I found myself with my first TV writing credit and a profound love for storytelling in this insane city full of delightful weirdos. There are very few places in this world where you can meet 17 different types of artists and tradespeople at one house party. For a slightly neurotic introvert like me, it helps to be surrounded by people who are excited to talk about what they’re creating and why. And I want to meet more of them. Yes, you.

Lillian Sholes, daughter of the typewriter inventor, getting the first case of carpal tunnel.